Welcome to my website. Here you will find basic information about my art work, activities in the art of Tai Chi, as well as about my original author's method of conscious track of motion.

Academic painter Táňa (Tatiana) Svatošová – Cipárová

I have studied at the Prague Academy of Applied Arts (1984 - 1990) in the special departement of typography and graphic design under professor Jan Solpera and at E.N.S.A.D. Paris (1989 - 1990) in the studio of illustration and typography under professor Giovanni Gianniniho.

My creative work includes painting, calligraphy, graphic design, art projects and realizations in architecture. Well known is so-called Wall of Hrabal (1999) in Prague district Liben where famous Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal have lived and worked. Implementation was awarded in Grand Prix Community of Architects in 2002.
Another part of my work is graphic design and individually designed wall paintings using original wooden elements that serve as functionally aesthetic protection of walls, particularly suitable for devices with children.

Regularly I present my free creations on exhibitions in Czech republic as well as abroad.

Since 1995 in addition to my artwork I actively practise art of Tai Chi. I work as an instructor of Taoist Art Center Golden Hill and I lead regular exercises for adults and children too.
(www.zlatykopec.org, www.roseta.cz)

On the base of these two areas of my professional activities I have created an original Method of conscious track of motion - good for development graphomotor skills of preschool children. The method I have described in my book Handwriting as a conscious track of motion – painting and exercises with elements of Tai Chi for the development of graphomotor skills of preschool children. Published by DYS-Centre Prague in 2009, where I lead the accredited seminars since 2010. (www.dyscentrum.org)



e-mail: tana.svat@seznam.cz
mobile phone: +420 604 723 021
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